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Our Story

CROPEX was established in 2005, The Company started growing fruits and vegetables in 2000 by managing around 1500 acres in north and east Egypt in El Behera, Monofia and El Ismailia area.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy


Our Farms are situated in the best growing areas in Egypt with adequate water resources and our packhouses are on the Farms. We are a family farming enterprise with a full understanding of what we grow and how we can excel at this with our customers always our benchmark. A true seed to store mentality.


We have developed and maintained State of the Art packing facilities, packing to the highest specifications achievable for our customers in farming today. Our social and ethical policies are practices not just words on paper.


Our products must reach our customers in peak condition utilisaing the latest storage and monitoring technology. The mindset of Seed to Store is embedded in our logistics chain.

Great Grapes


Brilliant Beans


Superb Strawberries


Spring Onions


Sweet Potatoes


Perfect Peas